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Taking responsibility for your uptime, find out how we take big actions to ensure reliability and safety.


Data Center Specifications

Our hosting provider’s servers are located in a Maidenhead data centre and is situated on a purpose-built site near the centre of the town. It offers 2,800m² (30,140ft²) of high quality, resilient and secure space across nine data halls.

Located outside the M25 the facility offers high speed secure connections to a wide range of Tier 1 national and international carriers.

With data integrity and security key for every organisation all our UK data centres are ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS compliant. In fact, with an impressive number of global certifications they’re one of the UK’s most accredited cloud companies. Let’s reiterate slightly. They ARE the MOST accredited cloud company – period.

We also have our own in house server expert who is the first line of defense should anything go wrong – your website is your livelihood and that’s why we make no compromise to the service levels that we provide and the service levels we expect from our providers. In the rare cases that our in house expert cannot resolve the issue quickly, we have a service contract directly with our supplier who can resolve any issues that may arise. 

If that doesn’t convince you – we don’t know what will.

Key Features

24 hour manned security, biometric access and intruder alarms

24 hour on site Network Operations Centre (NOC)

6 x 1.5 MW Generators

0.75 kW/m² power density

N+1 Air Conditioning Systems

Dual zone fire detection

Up to 63A MCCBs within PDUs

Dark fibre capability and diverse fibre entry

Carrier neutral

2 x 8 MW diverse supply UPS (N+1)

Controlled environment – room temperature 24°C +/- 2°C

0.75kW/m² cooling density

12kN/m² raised floor system – 450mm & 600mm void

Mirrored switchgear

Maximum Security

24 x 7 x 365 manned security and monitoring

Biometric access policies

Internal and external CCTV systems

Security breach alarms


Dual independent power feeds, backed up by dual battery string Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) systems (deployed as standard)

6 x 1.5 MW diesel generators – protect services from any single power failure

Technical Support & Services

On site technical engineers 24 x 7

All technicians are employed directly by iomart

On site Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Stable Environmental Changes

24 x 7 environmental monitoring systems

Constant evaluation and testing of all systems

N+1 redundant Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system

Fully redundant air handling units provide constant fresh airflow

Leak detection


Diverse fibre routing via multiple carriers

Truncated internal cable network

ODF/DDF (Optical Distribution Frame/Digital Distribution Frame) bandwidth

Cross connection to a number of Tier 1 carriers

Internal inventory systems track all cables, circuits and cross-connects

Scalable architecture including multiple redundant core switches and routers