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undraw remote team h93l 1 Remote Session How-to
Updated 12/11/2019

Things are about to get easy breezy

Introducing a new tool. It might work, it might not. Fret not, give it a go, and if it works both of our lives are easier. This tool will automatically download and install the remote viewing software that’s hot right now. Once it’s installed, it will open the application for you, then it will email the relevent information to Provello that is needed to initiate a remote session.

Do not worry though! We cannot connect without your explicit consent – About that! We will need you to confirm the connection from ourselves once the software has been installed!

Legacy connection.

Updated 12/11/2019

Things are going to be OK

For one reason or another, the above tool isn’t working – That’s OK! Some computers just don’t support the software, and that’s perfectly normal. This process is easy to follow along as there are some custom parts to make it quick and easier, it just requires a little more brainpower than before. Together we can get through it.

So follow along closely and you’ll be one step closer to resolving your issue, to start click the download button below and then follow along with the pictures below.

undraw feeling blue 4b7q Remote Session How-to
image0001 Remote Session How-to

Click on ” tvi.exe” button

image0002 Remote Session How-to

Click on “Run” button in “Open File – Security Warning”

image0003 Remote Session How-to

Find on your desktop the “Teamviewer” Icon and double click to open

image0004 Remote Session How-to

¬†Provide me with “YOUR ID: ***-***-***” and “PASSWORD: ****”

image0005 Remote Session How-to

We’re ready to connect!