How to extend Wi-Fi Range on the CHEAP

At some point, we've all tried to stream an episode of our favourite show on Netflix and run up against a Wi-Fi range limit. So, have you ever wondered why can't we just boost it to MAXIMUM POWER and extend the range? Two of the most obvious ways that we can increase...

Will the internet run out of Space?

Let's suppose that right after you finish this fine blog post you want to sit down and binge-watch everything that was uploaded to YouTube today. Well, I'd advise against that since it'll take, oh I don't know, the rest of your life? Every minute over 500 hours of...

Why Web Browsers Are FREE

Many of you will be too young to remember this, but popular web browsing software used to cost money. It wasn't until 1998 that Netscape Navigator became free to use for regular consumers, but almost no one pays for web browsers anymore, so why are the companies that...


There's an adage for computer novices that says "if you can smash something with a hammer its hardware but if you can only swear at it in futility, its software." Not everything is that cut-and-dried and one of the most important parts of your PC is a closely linked...

Whatever happened to Clippy???

Have you ever had a visit from the 'Good Idea Fairy' that you later regret? It may be something like "I'll just duct-tape my bumper back onto my car! What could go wrong?!" Well, Microsoft had a moment like this back in 1997 when they introduced a lovely feature...

Is Your Webcam SPYING On You?

It doesn't take much these days to make you feel like you're living in Orwell's 1984. Our smart speakers are listening to us, Facebook isn't being very careful with our data, and what about those little cameras on all of our computers and phones? are they spying on us...

6 Signs That You Have Outgrown Your IT Support Provider

Technology moves fast. So the right IT company for your business 5 years ago might not be the right fit today. As your business grows your needs and demands will change as well. Not all IT providers can keep up with those new needs. But it can be hard to understand if...

Why Does Rebooting Fix So Many Problems?

We've all been there your computer won't respond to mouse clicks, the keyboard on your smartphone has stopped working, or your game console suddenly gets stuck in "Perma screenshot mode" (read: frozen). Fortunately, there's often an easy fix for these catastrophic...

Fix GPS Rubber banding on your Android Device | A How-to

How to fix GPS Rubber Banding This tutorial is how to Fix GPS Rubber banding on your phone. This method is for Android and will cover as many versions as possible. From what I’ve been reading online, Some of you are experiencing the rubberbanding issues with the new...


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"Provello saved us over £10,000 per year on our hosting costs and has proven his experience and ability absolutely within our business. They will be a credit to any business lucky enough to have him."

Creative 3 Media // Client

"I was passed on Provello's details through a friend. I was having some serious laptop difficulties and he helped me diagnose the problem and offered me solid solutions. Not only this, after some time had gone by and I had invested in a new hard drive to his suggestion, he took me step by step through the process of installing a new operating system and getting everything set up just the way I like it. It’s like having a brand new laptop again! Worth every penny and would highly recommend Provello's services. Professional, patient and friendly. My new go to company 10/10"

Ali Dell // Chef, HATCH

"Great team who went above and beyond the call of duty! I needed a new hard drive for my iMac. Thankfully I had all my info backed up on my portable hard drive. Phew! He was able to fit an up-to date one which is x5 faster! I am delighted! I am not terribly knowledgeable about computers, so Provello then spent some considerable time and effort transferring data to my new hard drive. Issues arose along the way such as bugs and poor memory. To get me back on the road quickly, Provello worked late from the office remotely and sorted all the issues out, and more. He completely went beyond the call of duty. I felt very valued as a customer and can completely recommend them!"

Scott Heron // Owner at String Maestro

"Because of their great service I still get them to work on my computer remotely as I’m no longer in the area but I know that I will get great service from Provello. They're always very helpful and efficient."

Aileen Campbell // Client

"Provello rocks! I asked a random networking question on Reddit and Provello walked me through the steps to fix it. I was a complete stranger. All he asked for in return was a donation to charity. Good people!"

Charles Lane // Client

"We were having serious networking issues within our office. Provello stepped in and immediately began tracing the network and discovering how we operated as a business. As a video agency, he quickly identified any bottlenecks that we had in our system and implemented a completely new networking solution to help with the transfer of files internally and installed a server. Walked us through how to use the server in a very easy to understand way and has improved our workflow and the ability for multiple people to work on a project. On top of all these Provello helped us reduce our bandwidth by setting up the server to do the uploads for us as we were unintentionally congesting the network with Dropbox."

Creative 3 Media // Client

"Fast, friendly and professional service. I was so impressed by our first encounter that I asked to put Conor on retainer at the end of our session. As a small business that depends on everything IT working well for survival it was a real worry. Now that I have Conor in the back room I feel confident that I wouldn't have any more IT melt downs. If you want to sleep easy get Conor on retainer it is cost effective and just makes sense."

Fiona // Client