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Data loss? we'll collect your hard drive or device and perform a diagnostics report, usually within 24 hours. our methods are non-destructive which means if price isn't right, or we cannot retrieve the data you lost, then you can't lose.

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Physical HDD failures

Physical failures can occur when components and moving parts inside of the hard drive can no longer do the job. We can give you an idea of what files we may be able to recover and cost before beginning to work.

Accidentally formatted harddrive

We get it, no one is perfect, accidents happen. Don’t worry, we can help you determine if this can be undone. As always we’ll diagnose which files we can obtain for you and costs before beginning work. 

Sudden instability in performance

Much like your physical health, hard drives too have a health rating and harddrive naturally degrade as time passes. Your computer becomes slow and not performing as well as it once did can be a tell-tale sign that it’s on its way out.

Data loss & retrieval

We can help you retrieve any data that you have lost, deleted or has become corrupted at a much more economical cost compared to data recovery specialists. We can also help you with setting in place an effective backup solution to help you safeguard your important data.

What happens next?

Turn off your device and stop using it. Saving or moving files can overwrite the old data.

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Contact us to pick up your hard drive or obtain our postage address and get a no-obligation free diagnosis.

Get your data

If you decide to go ahead we will complete the data recovery and return your data on new storage media.

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