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What we do

Software Issues

Having problems getting a piece of software to work properly? Perhaps it’s had unexpected side effects or conflicted with other software. We can help with all software problems that you may be having including Window’s updates and specialist software.

Internet & wifi connections

We can install your new modem, router or networking devices and help you set up and configure your network. If your internet is running slow we can also optimise your network and trace where the bandwidth is being used to help optimize your network.

Hardware faults & upgrades

Computer not turning on and don’t know why? Running slow and due to an upgrade? We diagnose your machine and repair based on finding & can make recommendations. We install SSDs, Hard Drives, Memory (RAM). Power Supplies (PSU), Motherboards, Graphics Cards, CD/DVD Drives, or anything else you provide. We can also help you source parts.

Computer speed audit

Your computer was once shiny, looked like it belonged to one of the rovers on the moon. But now? It’s five years old, and when you turn it on you have time to go make a cup of tea, do a load of washing and also solve world hunger. Fret not, we’ll get your machine back up to speed.

Data loss & retrieval

We can help you retrieve any data that you have lost, deleted or has become corrupted at a much more economical cost compared to data recovery specialists. We can also help you with setting in place an effective backup solution to help you safeguard your important data.

Emergency technical support

Sometimes, your computer stops working, and it’s a huge nuisance. Sometimes, your computer stops working, and it contains an assignment or presentation you absolutely need by tomorrow, or in three hours time. We’ll start work immediately so that you can get that important file back,

We’ve worked with some great people and companies. We think you should join them in your quest for quality IT support services.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Scratching your head over the latest issue that you face? Don’t worry, our team of professional and friendly-faced technicians will be glad to help! We help you understand the issue in easy-to-get terms. Never has there been a better time to call for help.


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So, you’ve got 99 problems and you don’t want tech to be 1. Call us for a free quote with a “No Fix, No Fee” Gaurantee.



Speak with our technician and discover what is causing the issue, once you’re happy with the solution & price – work begins.


Fixed! ?

Get your problem fixed quickly and get back to doing what matters most to you – whether it’s business or browsing the web.


Why Choose Us

Quick response

We understand that if you have an issue you want it sorted and fast. We aim to respond as soon as possible via email and answer on the first call.

Cost effective

The term "If you have to ask you can't afford" does not apply here. We're straight up, and we're sure to surprise you as we aim to be very affordable.

No nerd talk

You deserve to know what's happening in plain English. We'll clearly explain the situation so you can understand.

Local & remote

Whether you need support on-premise or you have an issue that can be resolved remotely - we're flexible in how we can support you.

10 Years of experience

We're not the oldest company on the block - but that doesn't mean we're not driven and know our stuff. Just see what our clients have to say.

No hidden costs

Look, we're human too. There's no hard sell, no hidden costs or obligations - just clear, transparent prices.


"Provello saved us over £10,000 per year on our hosting costs and has proven his experience and ability absolutely within our business. They will be a credit to any business lucky enough to have him."

Creative 3 Media // Client

"I was passed on Provello's details through a friend. I was having some serious laptop difficulties and he helped me diagnose the problem and offered me solid solutions. Not only this, after some time had gone by and I had invested in a new hard drive to his suggestion, he took me step by step through the process of installing a new operating system and getting everything set up just the way I like it. It’s like having a brand new laptop again! Worth every penny and would highly recommend Provello's services. Professional, patient and friendly. My new go to company 10/10"

Ali Dell // Chef, HATCH

"Great team who went above and beyond the call of duty! I needed a new hard drive for my iMac. Thankfully I had all my info backed up on my portable hard drive. Phew! He was able to fit an up-to date one which is x5 faster! I am delighted! I am not terribly knowledgeable about computers, so Provello then spent some considerable time and effort transferring data to my new hard drive. Issues arose along the way such as bugs and poor memory. To get me back on the road quickly, Provello worked late from the office remotely and sorted all the issues out, and more. He completely went beyond the call of duty. I felt very valued as a customer and can completely recommend them!"

Scott Heron // Owner at String Maestro

"Because of their great service I still get them to work on my computer remotely as I’m no longer in the area but I know that I will get great service from Provello. They're always very helpful and efficient."

Aileen Campbell // Client

"Provello rocks! I asked a random networking question on Reddit and Provello walked me through the steps to fix it. I was a complete stranger. All he asked for in return was a donation to charity. Good people!"

Charles Lane // Client

"We were having serious networking issues within our office. Provello stepped in and immediately began tracing the network and discovering how we operated as a business. As a video agency, he quickly identified any bottlenecks that we had in our system and implemented a completely new networking solution to help with the transfer of files internally and installed a server. Walked us through how to use the server in a very easy to understand way and has improved our workflow and the ability for multiple people to work on a project. On top of all these Provello helped us reduce our bandwidth by setting up the server to do the uploads for us as we were unintentionally congesting the network with Dropbox."

Creative 3 Media // Client

"Fast, friendly and professional service. I was so impressed by our first encounter that I asked to put Conor on retainer at the end of our session. As a small business that depends on everything IT working well for survival it was a real worry. Now that I have Conor in the back room I feel confident that I wouldn't have any more IT melt downs. If you want to sleep easy get Conor on retainer it is cost effective and just makes sense."

Fiona // Client

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