About Us

Business IT Support Specialists.


Helping your business run smoothly

We’re a simple company. Professional servicing of Computers, Printers, Emails, Website Hosting, IT Infrastructure, Networking and we think you get the idea. If it’s tech related we’ve got the know how.

When you require technical assistance presented in an easy to understand manner then you’re looking at the right company. You don’t have to necessarily understand why it’s broken to have it fixed. We’re transparent and open about any issues you have, the severity/impact and pricing. Don’t put your head in the sand – Don’t get ripped off. 

We just want people to be happy, and to provide a great service at a price point that won’t make you just wonder what happened.

We live and breathe honesty & integrity. 


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Providing IT Support Services for Over 10 Years


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What we do

Software Issues

Having problems getting a piece of software to work properly? Perhaps it's had unexpected side effects or conflicted with other software. We can help with all software problems that you may be having including Window's updates and specialist software.

Internet & wifi connections

We can install your new modem, router or networking devices and help you set up and configure your network. If your internet is running slow we can also optimise your network and trace where the bandwidth is being used to help optimize your network.

Hardware faults & upgrades

Computer not turning on and don't know why? Running slow and due to an upgrade? We diagnose your machine and repair based on finding & can make recommendations. We install SSDs, Hard Drives, Memory (RAM). Power Supplies (PSU), Motherboards, Graphics Cards, CD/DVD Drives, or anything else you provide. We can also help you source parts.

Computer speed audit

Your computer was once shiny, looked like it belonged to one of the rovers on the moon. But now? It's five years old, and when you turn it on you have time to go make a cup of tea, do a load of washing and also solve world hunger. Fret not, we'll get your machine back up to speed.

Data loss & retrieval

We can help you retrieve any data that you have lost, deleted or has become corrupted at a much more economical cost compared to data recovery specialists. We can also help you with setting in place an effective backup solution to help you safeguard your important data.

Emergency technical support

Sometimes, your computer stops working, and it's a huge nuisance. Sometimes, your computer stops working, and it contains an assignment or presentation you absolutely need by tomorrow, or in three hours time. We'll start work immediately so that you can get that important file back,